Pieter Wolfert obtained his Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2018 at Radboud University, Nijmegen - The Netherlands. He wrote his thesis on 'Online engagement prediction in child-robot interaction' at Tilburg University, where he was part of the European funded L2TOR project. In his thesis he used machine learning techniques to design a data driven model that would be capable of capturing the engagement of children with a robot in a child-robot tutoring task. Currently he is a PhD student at Ghent University supervised by Prof. Tony Belpaeme, where his focus is on social robotics and machine learning. As a PhD student he is a member of IDLab, a research group embedded in Ghent University and imec.


  • Jan de Wit, Bram Willemsen, Mirjam de Haas, Emiel Krahmer, Paul Vogt, Marije Merckens, Reinjet Oostdijk, Chani Savelberg, Sabine Verdult and Pieter Wolfert. Playing Charades with a Robot: Collecting a Large Dataset of Human Gestures Through HRI. In proceedings of the Fourteenth conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI'19). In press.
  • Pieter Wolfert, Mirjam de Haas, Paul Vogt and Pim Haselager. Exploration of automatic child-robot engagement measuring. In Proceedings of Symposium on Robots for Language Learning, 12 - 13 December 2018, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Master's Thesis: Online engagement prediction in child-robot interaction (2018) (pdf)
  • Jan de Wit, Bram Willemsen, Mirjam de Haas, Pieter Wolfert, Paul Vogt, and Emiel Krahmer. Playful exploration of a robot's gesture production and recognition abilities.Workshop Gesture & Technology 2018, Warwick
  • Pieter Wolfert, Mirjam De Haas, Paul Vogt, and Pim Haselager. Measuring engagement online in CRI. In Proceedings of the The Near Future of Children’s Robotics IDC2018 Workshop, in press
  • Maria Otoworowska, Jordi Riemens, Chris Kamphuis, Pieter Wolfert, Louis Vuurpijl, and Johan Kwisthout (2015). The Robo-havioral Methodology: Developing Neuroscience Theories with FOES. Proceedings of the 27th Benelux Conference on AI (BNAIC’15), November 5-6, Hasselt, Belgium


This list contains interviews and articles related to me or to projects I have been participating in.

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Voxweb, 14-12-2017: Een robot als geliefde: waarom niet?


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